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Awl & Sundry was founded with a simple mission: to democratize the luxury of bespoke footwear.

Back in 2012, Nikunj, our founder, was faced with a dilemma many men share: he couldn't find a sanely priced pair of dress shoes that really fit! After a month and a half of searching, he found he had to choose between comfort, style and affordability. Finding two of the three quality criteria was easy enough but all three... almost impossible! Awl & Sundry was born of the frustration of not being able to find the perfect pair of shoes at a fair price.

Nikunj decided to take matters into his own hands and began canvassing the planet with one goal in mind: to find an artisanal cobbler who could produce a well-made, custom pair of shoes at a reasonable price.

During his search, he visited some of the factories that produce shoes for the big global brands and was shocked to discover a well-kept secret. Many of these brands mass-manufacture shoes for $15-$20 per pair and then mark them up to $150-$200. That's right, a whooping 1000% markup!!!

The worst part: often the quality of the materials and the shoe construction process was not only harmful to our health but also to our environment.

But the search proved worthy of the effort when he came upon a group of distinguished craftsmen who are still employing the age-old process of handcrafting shoes. These shoes were beautiful, stylish, comfortable and durable - all at a production cost significantly below what a custom shoemaker in the U.S. would charge. In 2013, Nikunj decided to share this find with the legions of men forced to walk through life in uncomfortable, mass-produced shoes and soon thereafter, Awl & Sundry was born!

Nikunj, our
founder, was
faced with a
dilemma many
men share:
he couldn't
find a sanely
priced pair of
dress shoes
that really fit!



Nikunj Marvania / Founder/CEO

Born in Mumbai, India, Nikunj moved to the United States at the age of seventeen to pursue college. After studying finance, he worked on Wall Street in sales and trading. It was then that the idea for Awl & Sundry came to him. He launched Awl & Sundry in March 2014 in pursuit of his passion to offer high quality comfortable and stylish shoes at a revolutionary price. In addition to shoes, Nikunj is equally passionate about spirituality and meditation. He loves reading in his free time and enjoys spending time in nature.

Nikunj Marvania / Founder/CEO

Mario Lanzarotti / Chief Operating Officer

Mario Lanzarotti is a German/Italian entrepreneur and speaker with a background in fashion and marketing. A true Italian at heart, he has a deep sense of fashion and an impeccable eye for well-crafted shoes. With a degree in Luxury Fashion and a multi-cultural experience that spans from Berlin to Cape Town to New York, he has organized events in collaboration with Fashion Week Berlin & The Russian Embassy.

Mario Lanzarotti / Chief Operating Officer